Stone Landscaping Products

River Stone

River Stone is a smooth rounded stone coming in a mix of natural colors. River Stone is golf ball to baseball sized gravel typically used in pathways, ponds, driveways and landscape and creek beds.

River Rock- Bulk 2-12

River Rock comes in a variety of sizes with smooth, rounded and irregular shapes. River rock has a natural tan color and is ideal for use in creek beds, ponds and for erosion control.

Gravel # 57 Stone

57 stone is 1/2-3/4 grey gravel. It works best for drains, driveways and erosion control.

Crush and Run Stone Base

Crushed granite material, commonly called Crush-and-Run, is an alternate top concrete for foundation work. It is used as the bases for paver and stone patios, walls and driveways.

Rip Rap

Rip Rap is a large sized grey, granite stone, 4 to 12 in size and has an irregular shape. Rip Rap is commonly used for drains, erosion control, or rough parking lots and driveways.

River Rock & Landscaping Stone

River Rock and Landscaping Stones can add a dramatic accent to your landscaping project. The durability and strength of rocks and stones assures you that these items will last for years to come. Typical uses for rocks and stones are ponds and waterfalls, pathways, retaining walls, and rough borders.

Crushed stone, such as crush-and-run, are used rough parking lots, driveways, and walkways. The colors and shapes of most rocks and stones provide an interesting contrast to grass and plants, and do not need any maintenance.

Our inventory usually includes:

River Rock, our top seller, are smooth, rounded rocks, that come in a range of light brown colors. These rocks are generally oblong shapes with sizes range from 2-8 in diameter. These rocks are suited for rough borders, pond and stream beds, or wall construction. This product is sold by the ton, and is available for loading on-site or delivery.

Crushed Stone, our crush-and-run or #57 stones are rough textured with a defined edges, and have a gray color. These rock chips are suited for making rough parking lots, driveways, pathways or to cover ground where erosion might be a problem. This product is sold by the ton, and is available for loading on-site or delivery.

Flagstone are flat sided with irregular shaped edges, and have a dark gray color. These rocks are suited for stepping stones, capstones, patios, fireplace hearths, and similar areas where a durable, flat surface is desired. This product is sold by the ton, and is available for loading on-site or delivery.

Helpful Installation & Maintenance Tips

For large areas that you want to cover with river rock, crushed rock, or stones it is recommended that you first install a weed block fabric. Weed block fabric is a thin inorganic product usually sold in rolls about four feet wide and colored black.

The fabric allows water to flow through to your soil but minimizes the ability for grasses and weeds to sprout from the base soil. While seeds that naturally fall on the gravel, above the weed block, can sprout, they are easily controlled with common wed control products.