Firewood Delivery

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Firewood for most fireplaces

You can always visit our location to get your firewood, or request our Firewood Delivery service in the Marietta/Woodstock/Roswell and northwest Atlanta areas. We can also provide bundled firewood in bulk loads to retail stores, restaurants and other commercial businesses throughout Atlanta.

Firewood delivery is almost always done on the same day as it is ordered. We accept cash, credit cards, and business checks.

There may be slight variations when your wood is stacked due to green firewood shrinking as it dries (becomes seasoned). In any event the measurement should not vary over a few inches. Our customers will always receive a full order of firewood that has been measured according to established standards.

Choosing Good Firewood

It is important to choose the best type of wood to burn in your fireplace. With regards to being used as firewood, there are significant differences between the types of wood that you may find in Georgia. Sure, any type of wood will burn and produce heat but you may want to read the following information on how to choose the best type of firewood.

Best Type of Firewood: The best types of wood for firewood are hardwoods. In Georgia this includes many species of oak, as well as hickory, walnut, maple, black locust, cottonwood and sweet gum. Hardwoods are almost always very dense (heavy), and will burn longer and hotter than softwoods.

Worst Type of Firewood The worst types of wood for firewood are softwoods. In Georgia this means any type of pine, cedar, spruce or other evergreen trees. We also discourage burning small limbs, sticks and scrap lumber as firewood.

General Notes: No matter what type of wood you choose as firewood, you will find that recently cut (green) firewood is difficult to light and will hiss and pop as it burns. This is due to the firewood having a high moisture content. When the internal moisture is heated, it expands and fractures the wood in order to relieve pressure. Besides a minor disturbance, this commonly causes glowing embers to be ejected from a fireplace. This creates a fire or burn hazard to flooring, pets and people.

Seasoned Firewood

We offer firewood every day of the year! Our firewood is seasoned hardwood that is cut to fit in most fireplaces. You can buy our firewood by the cord, half-cord, or large palletized loads.

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A Cord of Wood

Consumers should understand what is meant by a "Cord of Wood". A cord of wood is what you would consider as a "full load" of firewood. A true cord of wood is 128 cubic feet, which is generally measured as being 4’tall x 4’ deep x 8’ long. A pick-up truck load of firewood is often sold as a cord of wood but it is usually close to a half-cord, and does not stack up as a full cord of wood.

There is also a measurement called a face cord, that is 4' high x 8' wide and varying depth (usually the length of a single piece of firewood). Buying wood by weight is not really proper because moisture content and wood density varies between tree species and how long the wood has been cut (seasoned).

Buying small bundles of wood at a grocery store is convenient but you are paying a much higher price than if you had purchased a cord of firewood, or even a half-cord of firewood.

Firewood Safety & Tips
  • Inspections - Have your chimney inspected by a certified chimney sweep. Clean or repair as suggested. A good local company is Advanced Chimney Sweeps.
  • Hearth Area – Remove debris and flammable materials from this area. Beware of "pops" that could eject embers onto carpet or wood floors.
  • General Usage – Maintain a positive air flow by keeping glass doors open. Using an approved fireplace screen will minimize the chances for embers to be ejected onto carpets or hardwood floors. Never use flammable liquids to start an indoor fire.
  • Burning Tips - Use only seasoned hardwood. It burns hotter than softwood (i.e., pine) and minimizes the build-up of creosote. Do not burn trash or debris in your fireplace – it is not an incinerator.
  • Monitor – Never leave a fireplace or stove unattended. Leave glass doors open while a fire is going (if applicable).
  • Home Safety – Install fire alarms in your home and maintain them with regular testing and new batteries. Do not stack firewood in a manner where it could fall on children or pets. When bringing firewood indoors always remember that there could be insects under bark or in crevices.